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ASTA aiding migration of SATCOM customers from Indigo Telecom

Indigo Telecom customers who may have been deprived of satellite communications services by an unexpected debacle will be relieved to hear about the migration agreement signed by Applied Satellite Technology Australia Pty Ltd (ASTA.)

Indigo is the existing provider of the Thuraya satellite service in Australia. The Company had recently entered receivership status, which could deprive existing customers of any satellite services.

Fortunately, ASTA is also a Thuraya satellite service provider. It signed an agreement to help ensure the satellite handset connection of Indigo Telecom’s existing customers. To that end, ASTA is migrating customers onto the Optus Thuraya satellite network with the help of Optus.

ASTA activations teams are contacting Indigo’s customers in Brisbane and Perth. The teams will guide customers through the transfer process with the least amount of disruption.

In addition, ASTA deployed new systems that not only allow transferees to keep their Indigo Telecom-provided phone numbers, but also offer call plans that matched their old plans.

ASTA delivers satellite communications hardware, airtime, service, and support throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. It serves customers in the aviation, maritime, and terrestrial markets, and can reach both mobile and fixed customers on land.

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